Although we’re proud of our products, services, and technology; nothing matches the pride we have in our staff and departments. You see, we learned long ago that we’re really in the business of building relationships. For that reason, we put a premium on hiring only the most qualified individuals to serve on our team.

Every person in our departments are committed to providing excellent customer service and producing high-quality products and services. As you work with us in the future, we’re confident that you’ll find this to be true.


C.O.D Orders:
These orders are strictly on a Cash Upfront Basis, and orders will only be released once Proof of Payment has been sent through and confirmed as Cleared.

Account Terms:
30 days from Statement Date. Trading month from 1st – 31st. Interest will be charged on Overdue Accounts.

Contact Information:
Email: accounts@medpak.co.za or Fax: 031 700 6794.


Med Pak has a well-trained, upbeat and dynamic tele-sales & marketing team of 11, that have many years of knowledge and strong customer relationships.

Should you require any information on our product range, contact one of our Champions on 031 700 6764.


Med Pak’s Procurement Team consists of 3 Buyers, who ensure competitive pricing, good supplier relationships and good stock holding, to meet all our clients’ needs.

Med Pak’s facility carrys a product range of +/- 10,000 products, which includes prescription medication, patents, homeopathic, surgical and dental products.

Cold-Chain items and S5-6 Items are non-returnable. Cold-Chain Items are dispatched Monday to Thursday, with the exception of local deliveries which are dispatched on Fridays as well. To download a S6 Order Form, please select the link below. Please return a copy of the S6 Order Form via Fax or Email, and hand over Original to driver upon delivery.

Want to open an account with us or order S6 medication? Click below to download the forms.



Med Pak’s Customer Care Staff are trained to understand various aspects of the business from Accounts to Sales, and even Warehousing so as to ensure that all queries are handled in a timely and professional manner.

We are able to offer a delivery service to most parts of the country! A large percentage of our customers have been with us from day 1 and we plan to retain and grow our customer base. We strive to maintain good stock levels at the best possible prices and to offer a speedy, efficient delivery service.

We are always committed to being unique, always offering personal hands-on service and always being prepared to go the extra mile, ensuring maximum client satisfaction.

Please note:

We deliver 3x daily to local areas, overnight to regional areas and major cities, and 48 hours to outlying areas.

If we don’t have a specific item in stock for you, we will do our utmost to source it for you.

Logging a Query

When logging a query, please ensure that you request your CRM Reference, to have a reference point, should you wish to track the progress of your query.


Customers must report a return to Med Pak within 24 hours of delivery. In the event of an item received damaged or short, customers must endorse the Proof of Delivery as well as report the incident within 24 hours. Credit for damaged and short goods will not be granted if the delivery note is not endorsed accordingly.