Healthy Lifestyle Awareness Month

Feb 15, 2024 | Uncategorised

Healthy Lifestyle Awareness Month with Dr Vuyelwa Madlavuza General Practitioner in East London

Q: What small changes can your patients’ make to their daily eating that will help them move towards a healthier lifestyle?

A: They have to eat balanced  , healthy meals right through the day, avoid junk food, drink lots of water (2L) a day.

They must have fiber cereals, eat lots of of fruit and vegetables, less starch  and fatty foods.

They must exercise daily.

Q: How can your patients’ transform poor eating habits into healthy ones?

A: When they need assistance on what to eat and the quantity they must consult a dietitian mostly the chronic patients and with weight problems.

They must not skip meals and to eat small quantities.


Write it down and say it loud:Know the benefits:How to help your patients’ build healthy habits?


  1.  Help your patient choose a habit they want to learn/break:

Taking baby measures to create new habits are the keys to living a happy and healthy life.

  1. Spread the word on the new habit:

Let their loved ones and friends know that they have a new habit. For some people, a support system becomes their main source of motivation

  1. Know the benefits:

Keep them informed of all the benefits that come with developing the new habit they have chosen.

  1. Write it down and say it loud:

Saying it out aids in visualising and preparing their mind to follow through and complete what needs to be done within the allotted time frame.

5. Know the sacrifices:

Before opting to start this new habit, make sure they are aware of the potential time, effort, comfort, and other resources that they may have to give up.

6. Reward yourself:

When it comes to creating new habits, sustainable growth is achieved through positive reinforcement.